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Brief Nr.104 des gesgneten Shayks Mawlay al Arabi ad Darqawi

Der Brief ist aus dem Buch „ The Darqawi Way „ ,Verlag : Diwan Press , ISBN 090 65 12 06 9 .



ALLA HUMA SALE ALA SEYEDINA MUHAMMED WA ALEHI WA BARIK WA SALEM (Allah   segne unsern Herrn und Meister Muhammad und seine Familie)


The sickness which has befallen you is that which befalles the one who is beloved with Allah . “The people with the most affliction are the prophets, then the awliya , then those like them.”

Those like them shoud not be grieved because of it because in general , it is inflicted on the people of true sincerity and love . By it, they obtain increase toward their Lord , and by it , their hearts are purified and made into jewelessence . Had it not been for encounter – perception, gnosis would be given to anyone. Far from it ! Far from it indeed ! “Had it not been for the arenas of self , the way  of the runner would not be realised “ as ibn Ata-illah said in the Hikam . He also said in it, “ By the variety of traces and transformation of states, I knew that what you desire from me was to give me perception in everything so that I would not be ignorant of You in anything .” The people may Allah be pleased with them , said , “ it is in the transformation of states that men are recognised from men . It says in the Immense Qur'aan
. “ Do people reckon that they will be left alone if they say , We believe, and they not be testet?” Also in it is “Dutiful obedience is not …” to the end of the Listen to what the people of gnosis of Allah have. It was said to Sayyiduna Umar b. Abdil-Aziz, may Allah be pleased with him ! “ What do you desire? “ He said Whatever Allah decrees.” Shayk Abdul-Qadir al Jilani, said , may Allah be pleased with him!

If affliction arrives, it is not up to me to turn away from it.

If bliss arrives, it is not up to me to revel in it.

I,m not one to be consoled by part of my desire.

For another part. I,m content only with the whole.

Shaykh ibn Ata- ullah said in his Hikam, “ The pain of affliction should be lightened for you by your knowlege that He –glory be to him! Is the Afflictor.” There is no doubt that with the people, may Allah be pleased with them, the best moment is the moment of their poverty, i.e. their need . By that, they obtain increase. Shaykh ibn Ata-ullah, may Allah be please with him!said in his Hikam , “The best of your moments is the moment which you see the  existence of your poverty, and in it , you return to the existens of your abasment.” He said , “Your may find increase in poverty while you do not find it in prayer or fasting.” Poverty(faqa) destinatet of need . The shaykh of your shaykh Sayedi al Arabi b. Abdillah called it “urging-on” or sometimes ”woman,s prodding” because it urges on the one who has it to his Lord. Our Master , may Allah be pleased with him said, “ Had people know what secrets and blessing were in need , they would not have needed anything except need.” He said that it stood in a place of Greatest Name. He , may Allah be pleased with him, interpreted power as weakness.

We see that gnosis repels affliction as it repelled it from others, such as the prophets, blessing and peace be upon them, and the awliya, may Allah be pleased with them.  Allah ta,ala said, “ We said: Fire! Be coolness and peace for Ibrahim. They wantet to snare him, so We made them the losers and rescued him.” Allah -ta,ala said , “ It is said to those who have taqwa of Allah , What did your Lord bring down ? They say God . This is even though there is great affliction. Allah only brings it down on them out of love for them and concern for them. It says in the Immense Qur'aan
: How many prophet there has been with whom vast  numbers fought….”to the end of the ayat. Also “If a wound touches you, a wound like it has touched people “ and so on. Their gnosis of of  their absorbtion in the contenplation of the immensity of His essence has made them withdraw from good and evil since they, may Allah be  pleased with them , see neither good nor evil. They see their Lord . As they, may Allah be pleased with him , see Him in blessing they see Him adversities since He is the Blesser, and He is the Avenger. They also see Him in giving as they see Him in withholding, and so on . Shaykh ibn Ata,ullah said in his Hikam , may Allah be pleased with him. “ When He gives to you , He  shows you, His kindness. When He withholds from you , He shows you His force , In all of that, He makes Himself known to you, and advances to you by you by luft.”

 The upshot is that He is the Majestic with them and He is the Beautiful. They do not recognise affliction and it does not them, may Allah be pleased with them, since thatonly belongs to the people of veil. It is not for the people from whom the veilhas been lifted. The cause of punishment is the existence of the veil. The completion of bliss is by looking at the noble face of Allah . The sorrows and worries which the heart experience are because they are barred from eye-witnessing as ibn Ata,ullah says in the Hikam.