Insect / Coffee

What Happens If an Insect Falls in Your Cup of Coffee- what would you do? Here are several scenarios / analysis:


1.The Englishman: Throws the cup away and walks out of the cafe

2.The American: Takes the insect out and drinks the coffee

3.The Chinese: Eats the insect and throws the coffee away

4.The Besieged Palestinian: Drinks the coffee and the insect

5.The Israeli:

* Sells the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese

* Screams that his security is in peril

* Accuses the Palestinians of throwing the insect in his coffee

* Alleges that Hizbullah, the Syrians and the Iranians advocate attacks with weapons of mass insects

* Relates this vicious attack to Palestinian Terrorism, Attacks on Human Rights, Ani-Semitism, the Holocaust, the Diaspora, the Exodus, Discrimination against Noah's Ark

* Commands Arafat to immediately stop insects from flying in the air or landing in coffee cups

* Re-occupies the West Bank and Gaza, razes houses, cuts off water and electricity, humiliates and terrorizes civilians, kills or maims anyone in his way.

* Imposes more military aid on the American

* Demands a 100-year, billion-dollar, loan from America to buy another cup of coffee

* Claims life-time free coffee from the cafe as compensation