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Identifikationszeichen zum Schutz für Nichtmuslime in Afghanistan

By Khalid Baig  (apriged letter



The identification badges have been compared with the Nazi tagging of Jews by a fierce propaganda machine. It is a minor detail that the Hindus who had left Afghanistan during the civil war came back after the Taliban take over, precisely because of the peace and protection they provided. The propaganda machine has been looking very hard for any incident that could be termed as "persecution" and has not been able to find any. If one Hindu had been maltreated by the Taliban that would have been headline news. 500 Hindus living in Kabul. Perhaps India has so far killed 60,000 Kashmiris for the crime of being Muslim and demanding self-determination.

The identification is only for the purpose of granting exemption where it is due. Is that bad? Ask the Hindu and Sikh community leader, Inder Singh Majboor, who said they are happy with the ruling. 

Note: The identity cards in Israel  “mark one's nationality as Jewish or Arab and are thus used as a basis to discriminate,” writes an American Jewish student in Tikkun, a progressive Jewish journal. Similarly the Palestinian car license plates are required to be a distinct color so police can shoot them easily. Palestinians are forced to carry identification cards that identify their Religion for the purpose of persecution. By law non-Jews are second-class citizens in that country.