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Posthumous Victory of Hitler

by Sami Aldeeb, doctor of laws |  aldeeb@gmx.fr |http://www.go.to/samipage



We know that numerous Nazis left Germany to find refuge in various countries. Hunters of Nazis try to localize them and to present them to the courts. How many Nazis took the road of Israel? No one knows. The events which take place these days in the Middle East legitimise this question.

Jörg Shimon Schuldhess, a jewish artist from Basel, distributed a leaflet dated 16 October 1986. He relates that during his stay in Galilee, he went often to Naharya where he discovered that all the owners of stores originated from the territory of the Great Germany. He wonders how that is possible if the Nazis had exterminated the German Jews. He indicates that the glasses, the teeth in gold, the jewels, the clothes of exterminated Jews have been found, but where are the passports of these Jews whether German, French, Italian, or others? Have the Nazis used them to find refuge in Israel under false Jewish names? Schuldhess gives in this respect, with source (Randolph S. Churchill: Und siegten am siebenten Tag, p. 246), the example of the lieutenant Ss Ulrich Schönhaft from Königsberg who fled in Israel using the passport of a killed Jew called Habriel Süssmann. How many others did the same? 


Historians should find an answer to this question. But what we know is that the State of Israel has adopted immediately after its creation a policy of destruction and of ethnic cleansing with regard to the non-Jews, policy that M. Sharon is determined to follow these days. Thus 385 Palestinian villages have been destroyed. One of them is the famous village of Emmaus mentioned in the Gospel, which has been raised by bulldozers and transformed in a picnic place called Canada Park (photos: http://www.lpj.org/Nonviolence/Sami/Album.html). This policy is not very different of the one adopted by the Nazis. Are we today in the eve of the posthumous victory of Hitler and the Nazi ideology in the Middle East? It is not by chance that the Israeli thinker Leibowitz qualifies Israel a Judeo-nazi State. Sharon himself is aware that he plays this role of Judeo-nazi (see the interview by Amos Oz, Israeli daily Davar, December 17, 1982: http://www.dubaiphotomedia.com/english/voice/interviews/sharonoz.PDF).